Have windows 64 bit and cant get netframework to work to play my games how do I

I am trying to play DDO online and other games. I have downloaded the netframe work and still cant get it to work . Is their some other program I need or what. It keeps say that it wont work and I hav e no idea how to fix it. My email is PoetofShadow2010@yahoo.com
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  1. It would help if you could reproduce the exact error message that you get.
  2. Have you had any other versions of windows or any previous windows 7 installs on the system that were not completely removed? My best guess is that you should uninstall the netframework from your PC clear out your Temp folder in your local settings and try reinstall. If you get any probs installing check out your event manager and google the result. If you can't clear out your temp folder and it looks like its the install file for netframework you'll need to get rid of it, I found that downloading the ubuntu bootcd and booting from that and (without installing it) exploring your computer there to the temp folder and deleting the item there should work.
  3. Netframework is generally updated through MS automatically in updates.
    I've uninstalled all my netframework stuff before in add/remove programs.
    You'll pick it all up again in windows update.
    I wouldn't include personal info like my e-mail in forums.
  4. Yeah i have a post on this, no matter what i did i couldnt enable. Turns out some of my files were fragmented... gf windows.
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