Whats a good A64 motherboard

I want to get a Althon64 3000+ (socket 939, winchester core) (or maybe a 3200+) but i have no idea about which AMD motherboards are good. I'll be running a 6800Ultra and 1 GB of TwinX ram (2*512MB) PC4000 and i would like to be able to over clock it a bit in the future(once i have enough money for a decent heatsink). I dont care about noise or anythign like that but it would need to have onboard GBit lan and SATA raid (not that im planning on using as yet)

ANy ideas and suggestions would be much appreciated. (at a reasonable price please, around $220US would be good)
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  1. GigaByte has a nforce 4 board coming out now.
    Looks pretty good.

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  2. Who knows when and for how much Gigabytes nForce4 motherboard will come out?
  3. $179.00 US December 1st. Just in time for Christmas!

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