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i the sales person at PC richard told me to buy at TV with 1080 P and A REFRESH rate of 120 mgh is ideal for people who play the x box or play station

Is this true, or a sales pitch to spend more money.
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  1. Obviously, the sales person will always pitch you to shell out more money, it's his job.
    In this case, he's sort of half right. Games will look cool on 1080p. With regards to 120 Hz refresh rates, he was bluffing. 120 Hz displays are a necessity for 3D gaming, not required for 2D gaming (you wouldn't notice the difference between 60 & 120 in 2D gaming).
    Anyway, 3D gaming is not yet available with X Box or PS3. I think you should bring this to the attention of the salesman.
    But keep in mind that it might be there in the future. So if you're planning for the future & have the cash to dole out, then go for the 120 Hz display. Otherwise a 60 Hz will serve you fine.
  2. of the current 120Hz displays they are selling most wont be compatible with 3D yet as they'll need the firmware and the technology to display alternating 60Hz images so you'll be fine with just a standard 100Hz LCD for the mo.
  3. Any TV with "120 Hz" uses interpolation to fill in the extra frames. This induces MAJOR input lag [delay] into the system, which makes most current TV's unsutable for gaming. [For example, the newest TV's from LG and Samsung have been measured at over 100ms input lag on some models!]. Furthermore, they are incapable of using a 120Hz INPUT signal, meaning they can not be used for 3d.

    Typically, "240 Hz" TV's operate in teh same exact manner, but can actually recieve a 120Hz Input signal, making those 3d capable.

    In any case, for gaming, any image interpolation should be disabled due to the extra lag time that is introduced into the system.
  4. In short, as of now, you'll be perfectly fine with just a normal 1080p TV.
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