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Hey all,
I'm looking to build a new rig based on the AMD 939 socket, Really like the uprade ability. Problem is 939 Mobos still seem rare. Looking for something along the lines of that AMD demo "Bull Fish" board that included PCIe x16 and an AGP x8. (did I dream this up or was it real?) This will also be my first solo attempt at serious OCing, so would also like any sugg. on Memmory and also cooling packages.
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  1. I'm sorry, but this number has been disconnected or is no longer in service.

    AGP and PCIe are mutually exclusive. SiS promised to try combining them, then VIA as usual said "Me too, me too", but what you're really seeing on the market is PCI-Express chipsets with an added in AGP slot using the PCI bus.

    What this means is that you can find PCIe boards with an AGP slot, but it's far from offering AGP8x performance. A single PCI stream gives it 1/2 the bandwidth of AGP1x, a dual PCI stream would give it the bandwidth of AGP1x. And AGP1x was never a standard, but rather a compatability mode for AGP2x boards, so we're still talking pre-AGP performance.

    There are other ways. The same type of hardware nVidia uses to put an AGP graphics chip on their PCIe boards can be used, but it's an expensive proposition for motherboard makers. And it still comes with a performance penalty, plus rumors of possible card damage.

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  2. Wow!! Thanks Crash, Guess that narrows it down to one or the other. Can you point me to a URL to compare performance increase expected from AGPx8 vs. PCIex16
  3. O.K. I'm getting an Athlon64 (939)3000+
    K8T800 pro looks promising. any sugg on board makers. I use'd love Asus but I've been out of the loop for awhile.
    Criteria are: Upgrade ability, video edit, audio edit, gamming

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  4. i knew i saw an article on something like this, but it's an Intel LGA 775 mobo. sorry dude

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