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I tryied to update it but it says there is no patch or update avalible. I try to get online and it says there is no such file. I tryied downloading a patch off of the internet for it and that made the gae say there is no patch avalible. What do i do?
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  1. Please be more specific. Which C&C game are you talking about, and why are you trying to patch it?
  2. Sorry. Im trying to get a patch/update for C&C Generals Zero Hour. I've tried downloading the patch that it says i need to play online. When i get to the online part of the game it says there is a update that i have to download. I click ok then it says it is "finding file". After about a minute or two it says there is no such file. How do i fix this?
  3. Try googling it and find the patch manually. The game's link to the update server may not work anymore after all this time.
  4. I'll try it. But i dont think its cause the server is down cause i have a friend that plays it online all the time and he bought and installed the game a week before i did.
  5. I tryied reinstalling and downloading what i think is the patch and it still says the samething. Is there anything else i can do?
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