Using PS2 controller on PC with USB adapter

So I got these cheap as hell no name USB to Playstation adapters so I could use my old controllers on my PS3, but then I started wondering (after getting extremely frustrated with the PC GTA IV controls) if I could use it with my PC??
I plugged it in and windows says it recognized the device, and drivers were installed, but it's not doing anything. I grabbed this thing here but it's not detecting any controllers. Any way I might get this working do you think?
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  1. did you map the controls in game?
  2. How? it's not appearing to do anything at all when i press anything. that tool for emulating a 360 controller says there are no controllers detected. I think I may need a driver or something to get it to work, but have no idea where to look
  3. if windows downloaded drivers and it recognized the device, then the problem is probably in-game.

    in gta4, you probably have to configure the controls to match whatever controller you are using. I don't think it will happen automatically.
  4. Yeah windows says "USB Input Device installed" which I assumes means something, but it might not..
    I linked above a tool for getting GTA to recognize another controller, and found PS2 controller specific steps that worked for other people, but I'm not getting anything, and can't really confirm that the controller is working anywhere at all.
  5. have you tried the controller on other games?
  6. Not really sure. I don't think any of my other games support controllers, but I'm not really sure
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