Crysis does not work AT ALL!

I installed Crysis, patched it to it's latest version, and after I press "play" either absolutely nothing happens, or a window pops up that says "missing game DLL!"

I installed Crysis warhead and I get a similar error.

My PC is more than capable of running Crysis, I have a Core 2 Quad Q9400 2.66 GHz, 6GB RAM, and an HD 5750 1GB graphics card. I've played it before. But they just suddenly stopped working for some reason.

I've uninstalled them and reinstalled them several times, only to get the same error every single time. This is becoming very frustrating.
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  1. Does it specify the DLL? I had a similar error when trying to play the Hitman: Blood Money demo on steam and i fixed it by downloading the DLL and putting it in the system32 folder.
  2. Are you running a genuine copy of the game?
  3. Anti virus can be an absolute bitch. Disable whichever you are running, install the game again & try playing.
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