Stuck at splash screen

I just put together a new comp using the following components:
DFI UT nF3 Mobo
Ge Force 6800 GT Overclocked
Gig of kingston pc 3200 ram
2 Barracuda 80 gig HDs (for intended raid 0)
AMD 64 3k+ processor
All my old drives

I threw together my beast, and im stuck at the splash screen. I have checked all my wires (atleast im pretty damn sure). I have also disconeccted my secondary HD (b4 raid was up and running) hoping it was the intended raid that was messing it up, to no avail. Im not getting any error beeps. I cant enter bios, or esc outa the splash. My key boards lights flash breifly then all go dead, no num lock staying on, if that helps. Cant think of anything else. What could be wrong?

I havent built a pc in over 2 years, so im rusty for sure, please lend me some knowledge, or possible problems, whatever they may be.

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  1. Make sure all the jumpers on your HDDs and optical drives are set properly.

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  2. After reading some posts, i realized that i having a 310 watt power supply could be my problem, the board says it recomends a 300 watt supply, but does my card eat the rest and leave me short?

    What violence doesnt solve, alcohol will!
  3. How many sticks of ram? Try one.
  4. I don't know of any 300W power supplies that can power that system with that video card.

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  5. I upgraded to a 500 watt power supply still nothing, and the situation has degraded to no splash(did that b4 the new power sup).. simply the Reset light stays brown/yellow and the HDD light blinks.. and monitor stays yellow light too. I disconnected and reconnected everything, and yes i only have 1 gig stick of ram. What else am i missing?

    What violence doesnt solve, alcohol will!
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