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My computer has one 500GB HDD and one 640GB HDD.
My 500GB HDD is partitioned into a recovery disk and a primary drive for booting Vista 32bit.
The 640GB HDD has 3 partitions, one main drive I use for storage, one I would like to install Windows 7 64bit on, and one that is not activated.
I'm wondering if it's possible to install the Windows 7 64bit while keeping the Vista 32bit on the other HDD.
My processor is an Intel Pentium Dual core E2200 and does support 64bit computing.
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  2. Oh, and also, when the partition is chosen and is formatted for the OS, will the entire disk be formatted or just the drive selected for the OS?
  3. Win7 and Vista have there own partition options for installing(much more easy then XP), You should be able to select the disk and create a partition on it.

    When all is done, you should get a boot menu for Windows Vista and Windows 7 Ultimate(i assume you are on the RC).

    I did exactly this but i had Vista on a raid volume and 7 on a spare 500 gig drive.
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