Just asking this question. The other day I was on my Crapaq laptop and decided to see if it can run WoW. I went and downloaded the free trial and was amazed that it was able to run this. I thought these cheap laptops couldn't run anything.
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  1. WoW is fairly old, it's a 2004 game. But besides the age of the game, it was made to run on any computer.

    That's why it has so many players playing it too anyway.
  2. I didn't realize it was already that old. That makes me feel old.
  3. LOL So I never did actually see a question in the OP's original post. :)

    But yes, WoW isn't super intensive to begin with. It's usually the 3rd party addons/plugins that eat up the resources. With the low resolution on a laptop, there's not a whole lot of strain to run WoW.
  4. Yeah you will be allright in the old world with that "crapaq" not only is that area largely designed for computers back in 05ish there are no players there. Take that laptop on a tour of dalaran if you want to see how it can really do.
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