Im having a problem getting doom95 to work, i get a black & white square in the top left (tiny pic of game) corner and a flickering top bar.
Iv not had this problem with a 9600gt but only my current card. Is this an ati driver problem?? anyone else tried doom95 working with ati card?
I really like this classic and want to get it running again.
please help...

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  1. Have you tried DOSBOX? Or maybe run it in compatibility mode?
  2. ^^ The Win95 version of doom won't work in DOSBOX, so that could be a problem...

    ATI has a history of really, really crappy OpenGL drivers, and newer releases (post 10.4) broke a LOT of OpenGL stuff (again...). I'm not ruling out a Windows compatability issue though...
  3. problem solved, it was trying to start at 640x400 resolution, change to 640x480 and its fine :)
  4. ^^ Should do that automatically...640x400 though...thats a new one...
  5. yep, that is a strange res for it to try to start in, my card or drivers may not support it so it screwed itself up lol.
  6. Standard PC resolution have long been 320x240, 600x400, 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, then most of the more modern res' we still currently use. Maybe it was trying to do the widescreen equivalent of 600x400?
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