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I have been searching for good games to play through LAN, and I have come up fruitless. So, my next reaction is to ask you guys! What games would you guys play with 6-10 people?

Price does matter, but if it would really be fun, then we would all buy it despite the cost.

Also, be selective when suggesting First person shooters, how many can REALLY be fun with a max of 10 people?

The group I LAN with has all been looking for games, but normally we play the following:

Men of War
Battle for Middle Earth II: Rise of the Witch King
Left 4 Dead 2 (Sometimes)
Sins of a Solar Empire
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance (Doesn't work too well on larger maps; one of the PC's has an Athlon 64 x2 3800+ [2.0GHz dual core... lol])

And usually thats all we play. As you can see, we are in great need of help, haha. Thanks for your input as always,

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  1. Heres a few of my favorites:

    Battlefield 2 (Loads of MOD's for this game keep it fresh! Desert Combat is a must try.)
    Company of Heroes (Think Command & Conquer but WW II and a lot more tactical)
    Diablo 2 (Still has a high replay value even to this day)

    All of those games retail for about $20.
  2. Hmmm... I have a list of games I sometimes LAN with friends, mostly 4-6 players. You'd be surprised how much fun you can have even with a limited number of players. Our current favourites are:

    - Command & Conquer 3, and especially Kane's Wrath
    - CoD 4,5, or 6.

    and for nostalgia's sake;
    - Starcraft
    - Age of Empires 2
    - Any number of old C&C games (Generals, Red Alert 2)
    - Counterstrike: Source
    - Warcraft 3

    You should be able to pick a number of these up for very cheap.
  3. thanks to both of you, I will check out all those games and show them to my friends. I am, however, looking for a near unlimited amount of games, so the more games listed the better! :D
  4. another thing you might be interested in is checking out hamachi, it will create a VPN and games with the LAN option, choose the hamachi address, and it will appear as though you are all next to each other. Pretty sweet little program, and its free.

    Just as a heads up, if you use hamachi with kanes wrath. It will throw out of sync errors... its best to connect to EA's servers to play that game...
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