PS3 No Audio on any Games I Play

Hi, PS3 tech person , I performed a system update 2 days ago. This system update has since killed the audio on all my PS3 games. Games only, my DVDs play fine (video and audio), blu ray movies play too; I can hear the PS3 startup sound and the menu clicks when I cycle different menus. So this issue is not an HDMI cable issue. Like the tech support assistant had me purchase and test. I came back from Best Buy last night with a brand new $30 HDMI cable. plugged it in with the PS3 powered off, HDMI plugged in and booted up the PS3,Startup sound check, menus sound check, movies sound check, PS3 game inserted, game loads guess what im going to say, NO sound! I have done some PS3 forum searching and have found almost 10 different forums all users posting the same issue I am having. Everything has sound except for our games, any games that is; I have tried over 5 games, no sound on any of them. Please what is my fix for this?
Recap things I have done.
1. Checked audio settings on game, all enabled and at max
2. Checked TV volume, enabled and audible. Except for games
3. Checked PS3 audio settings, set for HDMI
4. HDMI cable tested with DVD player and cable box, HDMI cable is good and Audio Video play...except on PS3 games
5. Replaced HDMI cable, still no audio on games.
6. Called tech support who was no help because they had me default my PS3 and came to the conclusion this was an HDMI cable issue.
The Only change that has been made to my PS3 is the system update, just like the rest of the users posting online. Come on Playstation if you need beta testers we should be paid for this, otherwise get it right and then release an update. I need a fix ASAP hope you guys are working on this issue.
Thank you
I've included this forum link if you need proof others are having the exact same issue.
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  1. MAke sure only PCM output is enabled and try testing then; Ive been ok on V3.4, but Sony HAS had issues with its firmware updates before...
  2. Have you tried watching videos off your ps3 as well? Such as game videos, dvds, or blu rays?
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