windows 7 pc game full mode resolution shaking

I have a problem with my screen when playing a pc game in full mode.
My version is windows 7 and when I try to play pc game like " cleopatra a queen's destiny" (Starts in full mode)
the screen shakes. :(
Other games such as Nancy drew works perfect but games that start in full screen mode don't.
please help and thank you ! :love:
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  1. The screen shakes...?
  2. screen resolution shakes ??
  3. roxer said:
    screen resolution shakes ??

    Yes not the monitor itself but the screen resolution.
    When I play the game the screen resolution ( I guess the graphics?) is shaking
    and it's makes me dizzy unable to play.( I guess you can but it's dizzy)
    There's no problem with my graphic card (Geforce 9500),
    I just recently installed windows 7 so I don't really know the reason.
    If I don't play in full screen mode it's okay (It's not shaking) Ex.Nancy Drew
    but games that can't be in window mode and only in full screen mode, the screen res shakes..
    When I had xp it worked well. :)
  4. FWIW I'm having the same problem with a recent 7 install and an ATI 4800.
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