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Assassins creed 2 crashes on start-up

hi, i just installed ac2, got the crack working, but when i start the game, i can hear the "ubisoft startup tune", then two
white flashes, flashed, then it crashed... i downloaded the game through torrent....

CPU: 3ghz
Graphics Card: Nvidia FX5200, 128mb, 32-bit
Windows XP Professional v.2002, service pack 3

my friend has this game in very low settings
because he only uses built-in vid card...

what could be the problem? can you guys help me, please???
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  1. Best answer we dont really support pirated games
  2. ah ok, sure....but do you at least have some idea
    on how i can fix this?
  3. First of all, get a new GPU. No way in hell yours will play on anything other than the lowest settings, and then at about 1 fps.
    Second, buy the game instead of torrenting. As brulesmegood said, pirated games are not supported here.
  4. ok thanks, i might as well do it
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