Hello Friends, I plan to buy the Mobo Asus P4C800 Deluxe or P4C800 e- Deluxe, I don't plan to make overcloking,How it is the performance in general, stability and quality of this mobos Asus.
Thank you.
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  1. That is a good board, but I like the features, speed and stability of the Gigabyte 8KNXP ultra personally.

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  2. Both version have the same defective voltage regulator for the CPU. I'd suggest a less expensive board with similar features such as the Abit IS7.

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  3. Best mobo for the money. Abit IS7. Hands down. :smile:
  4. I had some seriouse problem with ASUS P4C800/P4P800 boards. My config was:

    P4 3.0C
    Corsiar XMS 3200 512X2 2-3-3-6
    ASUS 9600XT
    Audigy 2 ZS
    Zalman 400W power supply

    After 1 week, system reboots constantly when using internet---once every few minutes (I tried both p4p/p4c). I did some research online, many people have this problem with 865/875 boards. The cause is the conflict between XP and HT---although XP was supposed to be the only OS that takes advantage of HT. When using IE, somehow CPU usage will go up to 100% and system reboots. Microsoft admitted that this is a bug in XP and it should be fixed by SP2--this is from Microsoft Knowledge Base.

    - XP SP2
    - Win 2K
    - Use other browsers
    - Turn off HT in bios (I tried this and it worked)
    - Disable onboard NIC and use add-on NIC (I tried, but it didnt work)
    - Do not use certain firewalls.

    The reboot happens randomly on different systems, some systems just never have this problem. At that time, I didnt want to wait for XP SP2, so I jsut changed to an MSI 865PE board and I NEVER had any problem with it (Hey, this board is also a THG award winner for its superior performance )

    I really like ASUS motherboards, but I dont know why these 2 boards didnt work for me--actually this is not a ASUS problem, but an XP/HT problem. You can try it, maybe you wont have any problem with it :D (if you did, u have a backup plan here: MSI)

    hf gl

    Zalman CNPS7000B-AlCu
    Zalman 400W (ZM400B-APF)
    Corsair XMS 512Mx2 2-3-3-6
    MSI 865PE
    ASUS 9600XT
    P4 3.0C
  5. I have been running asus p4c800e on a p4 prescott since about june, almost 24/7 except for reboots of course usually every 2/3 days...this has been the most stable computer I have ever seen, never crashed once, not even the stupid lil not responding things have happened..i used the bios to do a 10% overclock from 2.8 to 3.07Ghz using the options you are given in the bios rather than changing settings manually and that worked great too, although really i dont need the overclock, board and computer in general is stable as a rock.
    I would definitely recommend the p4c800e to anyone looking for a solid mobo
  6. Got the p4c800-e
    Great board got my 3.2e at 4.0
    No complains very happy had board since about 2 weeks since it came out (probably a year by now) It suited me well with a northwood and now with a prescott
    The faulty voltage thingy doesnt let you use more than 1.6 volts

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