i down loaded Batman aa off of Steam, it took a day and a half! tried to start the game and it asked me for a serial # i guess? i have the cd keys but they do not work. i am not new at pc games or to steam however this has me at a lose. i have never seen any thing come up like this befor. i do not know where to get the numbers ther asking 4 at! please for for i lose my mind can any of you please help me. i have googled key words to this problem with know luck.... ty
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    If you bought it off steam then it shouldn't ask for a CD-Key. In fact it shouldn't at all because Batman AA CD-Keys aren't accepted on Steam as seen here

    If you did buy the game off Steam on the account you're currently using, and the problem is still occurring then I'd advise you to contact Steam for help.

    If the game came with an NVIDIA Graphics Card then the code that you received when purchasing it is NOT a serial number. To receive your serial number (after you have downloaded and install 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'), do the following:
    Open Steam
    Right-click 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'
    Click "Show Serial"
    This is the serial number for 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'. Use this key to activate your game.

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  3. that you i found out what was wrong. 1 i was to caught up to start out. and i was missing 3 of the CD keys lol. a friend show that.... took him a min... ty
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