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I currenty have an Abit KD7, and want to upgrade. I don't care much for abit, so I'd like to try a different brand. Looking for something in the 100-150 range, AMD. It's been awhile since I've researched MB's and CPU's so I'm not up on the new stuff, any help and suggestions will be appreciated. Hell, I may even be willing to go for Pentium :). Thanks,

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  1. 61 people have read this, and nobody knows of any good motherboards?
  2. I like my nf3u chipset from gigabyte, it was only 105$. If you want to wait people have been talking about the Nforce 4 quite a bit with pcie, and theres also the ati chipset coming out. I know quite a few people with MSI boards in the 939 flavor that dont have any problems with their boards. And im runnin a A64 3000. I like my setup well enough to not upgrade for another 6-8 months.
  3. Well, what are you looking for in a motherboard, and what CPU are you planning on putting in it? If you are a bit more specific as to what you are looking for, we could help a little better.

    Personally, the ABIT NF7 is a fantastic baord, or the NF7-S if you require SATA.

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  4. Bang for buck boards.
    Socket A- Abit NF7-S or Asus A7N8X
    S478- Abit IS7
    s754 Asus K8N, or Gigabyte K8NS
    s939 Gigabyte K8N-939
    for any Amd solution, get an nforce chipset board, and you should be ok.
    Socket T- no good boards, for a nogood setup.
  5. I like my LAN Party nf3 UT 250. It's down in price at Newegg for $105 I believe. That is, if you want to go with socket 754 processors. Performance wise it got good reviews at Anandtech, and it's supposedly a good overclocker if you're into that. I've had no problems as of yet.
  6. 150 total? You probably couldn't find a A65 and Mobo for that price, 250~300 you could get a good A64 and Mobo. I would suggest the A64 3000 (socket 939, 90nm Winchester), it OC's like a bat out o' hell, and a Asus A8V(rev 2.0) Deluxe or MSI's Nfoce3 board. Both OC about the same(go to www.anandtech.com, they did a review on both of those boards and both were the top two OCers). That setup will run 270 with the asus board and i'm not sure what the MSI boards are selling for, probably less, Asus is usually a bit more expensive, but well worth it.
    If you really want bang for buck nothing can beat the good old Athlon XP 2500 and a Nforce 2 chipset. The Asus A7N8X-Deluxe is the most popular(i have never read anything but good things about it) and for good reasons, Also Abit and MSI's and Gigabyte's versions are really good too.

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