Crysis Special Edition questions

I've been hearing DRM and SecuROM issues and problems lately
And activation/install limit issues as well
some said that it causes your system to break or srcrewing it or the likes :(
Crysis being one of the games with that issue and I really wanted to play the game

I just recently bought Crysis Special Edition :D
The problem is I'm fearing that installing the game itself might screw my system or even damage it like hell :(

Also, I've been hearing only Crysis Warhead had the install limit and the original Crysis didn't have it

- Does the Special Edition have DRM, install limits or the likes? :??:
- Is the Special Edition same as the Original Crysis in terms of game protection?
- What game protection does the original Cryisis have? Is it a game only needing a CD/DVD to play, needs online authentication or does it always require me to connect to the internet?

Right now, the game is at the shelf collecting some dusts
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  1. Ive got Crysis and Crysis Warhead (seperate games) installed on my PC and they both work fine.
    I'm not sure but ive never seen anything about them having an install limit and Warhead doesnt require a DVD to play but Crysis does.
    And no you dont need to be connected to the internet to install them (from what I remember) or to play them. Hope this helps.
  2. I got Crysis special edition from steam a while back. Both use securom with a 5 machine activation limit. Both games ran fine on my Win7 x64 ultimate computer.
  3. I have both the retail versions and steam versions of both games and I have never had a DRM problem. Also, be sure to look for the patches for Crysis 1.1, 1.2 and 1.2 hotfix this will add vsync and save you alot of headaches.
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