Bad Company 2 - Possible FPS Boost for Nvidia Cards

Came across this in the BadCo forums. Supposedly new NV drivers 257.21 and up install and run 3D vision on BC2 and can have an impact on FPS. If you go into your control panel and uninstall the Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D drivers you will see a FPS boost in BC2.
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  1. Thanks, I will try this and get report how well/whether or not it works for my GTX 275
  2. I will try that too
    mine is low end system so i play with low
    lets see if i can go to med
  3. I can't tell if it works because my FPS usually had a pretty big range but I am hitting 90s and 100s every now and then all of a sudden.

    People were making claims that it worked on the other forum so I am curious to see if it works for anyone else. I guess it should boost any game that is using the 3D vision atm like Metro, Batman, Just Cause, Mafia, and Res. Evil.
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