Can we never play multiplayer on the same computer?


I was wondering if there was no way to play multiplayer on the same computer like on consoles? really this is the only feature of console which lures me.... i could spend the money on graphics cards!

so just askin, thanks!
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  1. you can play multiplayer on the same computer but in the games like fifa , nhl etc my friend rest of the games are not designed to do that
  2. well i guess all i can do is let my other friend play with my mouse's weight cartridge while i play the game zzzzzz
  3. hey you can get an extra controller if you need it improves the game experience...and the game i mentioned don't need mouse to play my friend....
  4. You can play Heroes of Might and Magic hotseat lol. Take turn though.
    You can also play x-men games up to 4 players with 1 keyboard+mouse, 3 gamepads. It's fun!
  5. some games support this feature, but most dont
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