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Multiplayer problem on Battlefield Badcompany 2!

Everytime I go to Join Game it says "Cannot Find Any Games". What do i do?
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  1. do you have windows firewall up if so just press alt and a pop up should be their and press unblock
  2. I did that already but it didn't do anything...
  3. Yo do you mean you can not see any servers?

    If so then on the right side where the filters are you have to select Punkbuster so that its ticked (not crossed) that should show you the servers... I also have selected Ranked and Hadcore.... thats how it worls for me.
  4. punkbuster is not crossed and i have ranked selected but, not hardcore. I'll try that and give you an update...
  5. after tweaking around with ranked and unranked and punkbuster I've found out that a message displays saying: "Cannot connect to EA online." WTF? I have internet connection, is there something i still need to do? Updates? Patches? What??? I payed my $50 now i want everything this game has to offer!!!
  6. Is it STEAM version or retail? if its steam then u dont need to update it because steam will do it for you.

    Try selecting your region... if you do that and you have PB ticked it should work... you coudl also try refinign your search bys electign a game mode RANKED and maybe hardcore to see if thats goign to show you soem servers. But remember the PB has to be ticked (you can choose a tick and a cross)

    if that doesnt help then I dunn... check your AV whether its not blocking it.
  7. Sounds like firewall issues. Are you using a router? Try plugging in directly to your modem and see if you can get through. You might have to adjust port settings if so.

    Here is a possible fix...not confirmed if it works but maybe worth a try.

    Have you ran the updater as well? That will help also to have the most recent updates.
  8. Im directly plugged in and still nothing...i allowed the program to go through windows firewall. What do you suggest i do for port settings? As for PB, the ticked and crossed thing i only see crossed and then blank like nothing as status for pb?
  9. Oops, I did an edit, check my post again. .... To answer you ...yes you definitely need to make sure you update your game to the most recent patch.

    I am not sure about not being able to connect but usually with BF games, when you don't have the patch that the servers are running, you won't see any servers.
  10. How do i download the patch? Do you have a link?
  11. Go into your file where the game was installed and there is an updater program to run. Let us know if this works for you.
  12. Mkk ty i'll try that..
  13. Ok so I got it to work and after 5mins of playing multiplayer it gives me a pb error and kicks me out saying some weird error code...any ideas?
  14. Man you are destined not to play this game. What was the error? Can you reproduce it? Maybe a PB update is needed now for some reason.
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    Thats how I got my filters set up
  16. ok, mspisz ill try those and if it does keep giving me the error ill try and record it and post a link...thanks!
  17. Here is another random thread that I found in case you want to try some more stuff.
  18. Hahaha, to all is the sweetest bug ever
  19. Ok thanks alot mspisz! That worked! I would have responded sooner but i was too busy getting my ass handed to me lol. Anyways thanks again guys, i would have never figured this out without you guys~
  20. It took you a while to get back so I figured you were having at it
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