How to download a demo game on my pc and burn it to a disc to use for PS3

I am having problems figuring out this process on my own and need some help! I'm trying to download a free demo arcade type of game on my desktop which is a Windows XP and then either burn that to a disk to then put into my ps3 and play it, or (with the specific directions) how to save the program onto my flash drive and what files need to be made/arranged on the stoage device while still on the pc. I hope everyone kinda gets the gist of what im talking about.
Thanks, Leanne.
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  1. you can't play pcgames on a ps3.

    or is it a ps3 demo you are trying to download, in which case i can't help.
  2. It can not be done. You would need a modded PS3 and as far as I know there is no solution for Ps3 modding.

    If its a PC game play it on the PC.

    If its a PS3 game buy it.
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