Killing Floor minor problem

It really hasn't been bothering me too much until now, but during games atleast once per round i will experience minor freezes where i cant move but everyone else can.
Any solutions on how to fix this problem? It seems to be occurring much more frequently than i remember.
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  1. i think the problem may just be because of the servers. Most of the servers ive been using are by the same person.
  2. yea whats your ping?
  3. Mithness said:
    yea whats your ping?

    Ive actually got really good ping. Usually under 100. For the most part 40-70
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    hmm, i have ping in the 40's so i dunno, but yes last time i played i had this problem where the road started and i couldnt move for a second all it is lag, get a better server/host
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