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Hello, recently i switched from Mac to PC, i am on Windows 7 64X Pro. I bought Call of Duty 4
and played for a while and i came to some Level in the Game, in the next 2 days i am planing
to REINSTALL my OS again, from Scratch. On Mac i knew how to do that and after Reinstall to
actually Reinstall the game and have the same Settings from before, meaning to Resume the
Game from where i stopped before instalation. There was few files to be copied from the old OS
and then put in a folder in the new Installation. Can i do something like this on Windows after
i Reinstall to continue playing COD4 from where/what level i am now? And how and which files.
I need to only know which files and where they are, after Installation i'll know where tio put them.

Thank you All!
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  1. dont know the files, but in cod 4 your profile isn't saved online and i had to copy the data FOLDER in my documents when reinstalling or when the profile reset for some reason. So i would try the folder in my documents (under activision?), otherwise you can always copy the entire cod4 folder in programs files and paste it after reinstalling os and reinstalling the game
  2. Thank you Sir!
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