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Hi! i have a vostro 1400 with Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU T5270 1.40GHz
795Mhz, 1.99 GB ram. Recently i was playing with delta force extreme, it was running smoothly, but the next day the Fps droped by 30%, I checked my task manager,cleaned my PC with all kinds of stuff and Scanned for virus. but the game still laggs, then i runed other games, same thing happend too. But my task manager shows the same thing as before the lag happened.
PS: iam using window xp, servic pack 3, updated all my drivers. so don't tell me to update my drivere.
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  1. nope, the AC is working fine
  2. the problem can be with the game too better to install some other game and check whether the same thing is happening or not , this problem occurs usually...
  3. No, when it happen, it lagg on all games, even on the laptop, but it stops in a day or month.
  4. Possible issues:
    - Were there ANY software changes between day 1 and day 2? Any BSOD's you may have missed if ya left it on overnight? Check your logs under administrative tools.
    - Check for dipankar2007ind's suspicion regardless. Aka check temperatures.

    "No, when it happen, it lagg on all games, even on the laptop, but it stops in a day or month"
    - So this issue happens then stops? Need to be more specific here, your first post makes it sound like its a permanent lag issue after a certain day, but this message here indicates it happens then stops. What happens when you reboot and try playing the game again? When's your antivirus or malware programs scheduled to scan? What programs are you running period? If you run hijackthis and post the log we'll have a better idea.
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