How to enable safe mode option on halo

You know when you run a game, and it askes you the option to run in safe mode? Well when you click do not ask me this again. and it stops asking. How do you get that option back? i've tried reinstalling it.
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  1. Google has the answer for you, but my conclusion is the safemode=0 flag (if it exists) is stored in a config that isn't being removed on your system after you disabled it the first time. However for Halo if your PC is above the recommended system requirements it doesn't popup with the safe mode dialog, try the below steps.


    Go to where your Halo icon is, like in your Start Menu or on your Desktop.

    Right-click on it.

    Select Properties.

    Under "Target:", you'll see where your halo.exe is. At the end of that, put -safemode. Like this:

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo\halo.exe" -safemode
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