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hello to all;
pls help me find a website that i can download games for free, if there is...Most game players always asking for it in our shop especially left 4 dead and and NBA games. Kindly help me with my problem..tnx..
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  1. Torrents are great to check a game out.Iv done it for years.Remember to stick to reputable scene groups like razor,reloaded or skidrow to name a few.Plus if you like it and plan to keep playing it please buy it!!Game devs deserve to be paid for their time,work and investment,also dont forget to seed!!remember others gave their bandwidth its only fair to give yours in return :ange:
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    You guys are condoning piracy, this is not on. If you want to try a game out, borrow it from a friend or download a legal demo version.
  3. We do not discuss such matters in the forums.
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