Will old applications run better with Windows 7 32-bit?

Will old applications run better with Windows 7 32-bit, rather than Windows 64-bit. The reason I am asking is that currently I have a laptop with Vista 64-bit and it runs my older games sluggishly compared to my PC, which is inferior in almost every way but has Windows XP (32-bit). I am not too interested in any new games coming out and was wondering if I the 32-bit version of Windows 7 would make my laptop run older games better.

My laptop:

My PC:

Intel Pentium 4 Single Core (with hyperthreading) 3.00 GHZ (I don't remember the exact model CPU, but it is pretty old, maybe first released 5 years ago...)

ATI Radeon 4850 512 MB AGP Video card

4 GB DDR3 Ram

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    on 64bit, windows uses wow32 (windows on windows) to run 32bit apps, so that might be run the games slower although i couldnt notice any slow downs going to 64bit. some games are just coded that they run better on an older OS. To answer your question, theres no way to be sure since 7 is based on vista but i dont see any reason why that laptop is lagging, it has good hardware, maybe it has software/driver problems?
  2. your pc specs dont make sense though. i dont think there are any ddr3 motherboards with AGP..
  3. Sorry, I don't have my PC on hand to check right now, I'm sure that the video card is AGP, so the RAM is probably DDR2 (I bought it a few months ago, I don't think I went with DDR1)
  4. There is an ATI HD 4850 AGP? since when? I thought the ATI HD 3850 was the fastest one possible on the AGP interface.
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