Need help with finding fighting game for PC

Hello, So i need help ith name of one game i payed many years ago. I remember some fragment of it. 1st of all it was on a collection cd, where there as lots of games 50-100.
2nd are some fighters i remember. One was green hulk like beast(had a berserk like skill, where he turned red) then there was some woman with crystal body, a man with metal body(had a skill where he could turn into metal ball and roll) and a soldier fighter with camo pants and tanktop and doing green attack skills. That's pretty much all i remember from it. And smeho name overkill goes around in my head, but i've tried searching it with no results.

Thank you!
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  1. Don't u mean the incredible p0rn on redtube? :o
    Like hulk shoots balls 'n shet.

  2. very funny -.-
  3. Savage 2 is a game everyone should try.

    It has fast paced fantasy action combat with strategic overtones.

    Best of all, you can download and play it for free at:

    This game is pretty awesome. Check out Savage 2 on youtube if you don't want to download it first.
  4. But the game im looking for is a fighting game like tekken and mortal kombat, similar to them.
  5. The game you seem to be discribing is something like mavel super heroes vs street fighter. Google that sort of thing and im sure you will find it.
  6. i think you are talking about fighting force ...maybe...
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