Has anyone else had trouble with Steam and McAfee?

I'm running McAfee 8.7 Ent + AS, and anytime i try to start up CS:S it says it can't connect to the server or some such non-sense, but as soon as i disable it, it goes right through. I've added CS:S and Steam as processes to ignore, but i still have the problem. Anybody else run in to this issue?
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  1. i learned years ago to never use mcafee; it's just a pain to deal with
  2. All antivirus are a pain to deal with...it's pretty much their nature. At least it's not blocking me from uninstalling it cough norton cough.
  3. Yeah, every time I've seen Mcafee antivirus, not too impressed. Don't really like norton either, though I've heard it's better this year.

    But I use AVG free edition, and also I use PC tools firewall plus. Plus I have steam installed and so far no major issues.

    As far as removing norton, try using a program called revo uninstaller, it may be able to help you out, it uninstalls the program and then scans for leftovers and removes those as well.
  4. AVG does its job, unlike the paid solutions. Avast! is probably the best free solution though.
  5. we've got the ent edition...use it for work...it only installs a anti-virus and we have the add on plugin for antispyware with it...but it's less invasive at def settings then the normal store bought mcafee products i've seen...nice part about it is the depth to the product, you can change a ton of settings to make it more or less invasive...and dif modes for when you've been infected so you can lock it down etc...i will use avg and other free products if there's a new virus out there, and i need to get it off fast...but usually so long as i can get a version of the virus to mcafee they have an extra.dat out to us in a matter of hours.
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