problem installing ATI 9600XT on asus A7V8X-LA

I have a Hewlett Packard Pavilion a532x computer, and I am trying to add an ATI 9600XT. When I add the video card, and turn the system on, I'm not getting any signal from the monitor output. If I try to switch to the system's original monitor output, I don't get any signal either. Even though I'm not getting any monitor signal, it doesn't seem like the system is booting up completely. If I remove the card, the original system monitor output works. I think there is a conflict between the onboard video and the new video card. The computer has an AMD 2800+ processor, 512mb ram, and a 250W power supply. The motherboard is a A7V8X-LA mother board. The mobo itself has the VIA KM400 chipset with 3pci and 1 agp slot. I've contacted HP and they said the card will work in the system. I've tried disabling the onboard video through the control panel, and removed the S3 video drivers through add/remove programs, but with no success. Windows XP just seems to reload the drivers when I restart. I've also looked under the BIOS setup, and there don't seem to be too many options that would affect the video. The only option that seems would pertain is one relating to selecting the video source. There are 2 options, PCI and AGP/ONBOARD. The default setting was PCI, but I don't get any effect when changing this option. I've followed the video card instructions, and have even downloaded the new Via Hyperion 4-in-1 drivers to get the latest AGP GART. Is the motherboard compatible with the 9600XT? Has anyone had any success integrating the two? How do i fix this??Need help!!! Thanks
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  1. I had a quick look for the manual but couldn't find it, so I couldn't check myself, but I don't suppose there's a jumper somewhere on the motherboard to turn the on-board video off?

    All boards I've ever known with on-board AGP and a slot would auto-detect when a card was inserted though.

    A couple of other points:

    1) your power supply is very feeble by the standards of today. Your symptoms don't point directly to the PSU being the culprit (I would expect you to get to a certain point and then suffer instability/crashes/reboots/etc, if that were the case), but it'll probably die fairly soonish with the extra load of that card anyway. a Decent Brand 350-400W supply or better would be safer.

    2) try removing other hardware like sound cards and network cards, if you have any. probably won't help, but standard troubleshooting procedure

    3) Try resetting the BIOS after you've inserted the card (remove power, remove CMOS battery, move the clear CMOS jumper over for a minute, then reverse the steps) maybe it will help.

    4) Does that card have an extra molex power connector that you've overlooked? can't remember if they ever put those on the 9600XT cards, and I'm tired so can't be bothered to check ATM.

    Read the motherboards FAQ at the top of this forum for a few more ideas.

    I'm going to bed, and tommorrow I'm getting on a 'plane, so don't expect me to reply anytime soon, but others probably will.

    Good luck! :wink:

    P.S. Break your posts up with some paragraphs. Seeing a huge block of text like that puts many people off reading it - It's much more of an effort, and details are much easier to miss when presented like that.

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  2. Ask me why I am reading this post in 2009? One of my students is trying to play NWN2 on an HP computer with the same motherboard, but with a sempron and the on-board video... I hope I can gen an old, retitred 9600 Pro to work on there for him...
  3. You must install an GART driver for motherboard to be able to read new graphics card 1st. Very important!!!!
  4. I have the same problem .. had a radeon 9200 in there and it booted up fine.. put in a 9600 Sapphire and it just gives nothing ... so out of frustration I tried to do a very odd thing. I booted with the onboard video no problem, booted off a win98 boot usb drive ... then I inserted the radeon 9600 with the computer on! then I did an atiflash.exe -ai to see if it picks it up... no it doesn't because it acknowledges the card during boot. Makes sense. So I did alt-ctrl-del and then oddly enough the video successfully switches over from the onboard to the 9600 card!! So the card works fine like this after a warm boot, but if you shut the machine off cold boot, your back to the original problem. Try and explain that. Black screen nothing, some kind of conflict, bus speed problem who knows. This is a very strange motherboard, it even has sata controllers that only half work if you force flash a compaq v3.15 bios to it but it works only in IDE mode, and in Linux it just will not work.. even if you play with libata.force= & noacpi flags. All round, this motherboard is the biggest waste of time in the world. Pure frustration and it's about time I chuck it.
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