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I had Windows 7 which was installed in a 15 GB partition. I deleted the partition so that I can increase the size upto 25 gb and install Windows in it.So I created a free space of 25 GB in hard disk. Then I booted from the Windows 7 disk. Under :where do you want to install Windows " window, twhen I select the Unallocated space, the advanced options are grayed out.As a result I cannot format the unallocated space, neither could I create a new partition. I have two other partitions which have data in it and I don't want to lose them. Please let me know if some one could really help!!!
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  1. Did you delete the 100 MB Partition that Win 7 creates on install?
  2. No, Do I need to do that ??
  3. When I select the unallocated free space under "Where do you want to install Windows" it says "Windows cannot be installed to this Hard Disk Space, The partition contains one or more dynamic volumes that are not supported for installation"
  4. Do you have an external hard drive that you can copy your data partitions to?

    Do you have another system that you can use to copy the data partitions?

    Is your system a netbook, a laptop, or a desktop?

    Do you have a DVD drive, or are you booting Windows 7 installation from a USB device?

    Do you have a Live CD from the manufacturer of your hard drive with disk utilities that you can use to copy your data partitions?

    What size is your hard disk and what size are your data partitions?

    Can you get a new hard drive to use as your boot drive, and use the current hard drive as a data drive?
  5. This is a laptop..I have no external drive ,,but I have a desktop pc. I am booting Windows 7 from a DVD..I have no live cd's as you mentioned..My hard disk is 250 GB size.Data partitions are of 70 GB each..
  6. tysonantony said:
    I had Windows 7 which was installed in a 15 GB ... could really help!!!

    You want to save the data on the harddrive. OK.

    My suggestion is as follows:

    Unplug and remove the harddrive from the computer. Do not delete anything from it. Buy a new harddrive and plug it into the computer motherboard's SATA connector 1 (or if the harddrive is a PATA drive, install as the primary drive).

    Install Windows on the new harddrive. Afterwards, put back the old harddrive but place it as a secondary e.g. plug it into the SATA connector 2. Windows should be able to read from the old drive and you can retrieve your data (files, music, pictures, documents etc.).

    Use a search engine to read up on:

    -installing Windows
    -primary harddrive (if harddrives are not the SATA type)
    -harddrive jumper (if harddrives have jumpers)

    'Hope this helps,
  7. Sorry, I missed that it was a laptop. You could still do something similar regardless, although it does mean connecting the 2.5 in drive into your desktop:

    Here you would plug the drive into your desktop and work with it there. You could make backups from the 2.5 in drive and even use the desktops Disk manager or diskpart utility to examine the laptop's partition setup. You might better be able to figure the solution you want such as setting the active partition, reformatting, repartitioning etc. etc. in preparation for installing Windows.
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