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Obviously I know that hacking a game and trying to play it online will result in an almost immediate ban from Xbox Live. This idea just crossed my mind the other day. I have no intention on doing it, I'm just curious.

Here's the scenario: I rent an Xbox 360 game from Blockbuster or wherever and install it on my Xbox 360 hard drive. Download a hacked version of the game from a torrent site onto a disc and use that to play off the installed game. Would that still result in a ban from Xbox Live? Because I'm pretty sure that it only reads what's installed and that the game disc is only there so that the installed copy of the game can be active. I'm also wondering if the installed game wouldn't launch due to the fact that the disc isn't legitimate.

Once again, I have no intention of doing this. It just crossed my mind a while and I always wanted to know. I'm sorry if this question has already been asked by someone else and I missed it.
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  1. I don't know about XBox Live, but it's possible that asking too many questions about "hacked" games could lead to a ban here.

    If you've "no intention of doing this" why the question?
  2. +1

    The result of such discussions would lead to disclosure of information which could be used 'FOR' hacking, even though you may not have 'meant' to do so yourself (so you say).

    As ijack said, no point of having a discussion in vacuum.
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