WOW got hacked WTF

ok i stopped paying for wow like 5 months ago i put the acount on hold or whatever you call it.

today i check my email and i got this thing from blizzard saying its being shut down or somthing because i got caught hacking using speed boosts and other crap.

so i ignore there links encase its a keybinder and go to blizzards homepage and try to log into manage account to see if it really was reactivated and WAM the Edit for potty mouth bought one of those authenticator things.

should i call blizzard and how can i prove any of this. how do i prove im the owner not a hacker.

if they went threw the trouble of getting an authenticator do you think all my *** is deleted??
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  1. Call Blizzard. They will tell you what you need to do.
  2. You should use this as an excuse to quit world of warcraft again!

    Seriously, quit while you still can. Endless grind is endless grind, and they are just making the game easier, where all you can really brag about is that you killed the encounter 5 minutes before the other scrubs killed the encounter on patch day.
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