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im still currently using dirext X9 and does upgrading to directX10 or 11 really make a diffrence in visuals?
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  1. if you have a dx10 or dx11 capabile video card and the game supports dx10 or dx11 then yes.

    if not, then no; you will see no difference in visuals
  2. i have a 5770 so if i upgrade from 9 to 11 and on a game that supports it there will be a bigg diffrence? and will their be a performance drop?
  3. maybe and yes
  4. really? how much of a drop?
  5. there is a chart on this page that shows performance differences between dx11 and dx9 on Dirt 2:,700050/Dirt-2-benchmarks-DX-9-vs-DX-11-Update-Radeon-HD-5970-results/Practice/

    you're probably going to see around a 50% drop
  6. that sounds a little much for increased visuals...
  7. yeah, but you also have to take into account that the information i posted is 6 months old and there have been several driver updates. Performance may have increased.
  8. yea true.. um would you reccomend me upgrading to it?
  9. you might already have it. go to start>run and type in " dxdiag.exe " (without the quotes), and see what it says your DirectX version is on the bottom of the fist page in Dxdiag
  10. yhh i got 9 still i would have t o upgrade to windows 7 (still using XP)
  11. you could still get dx10...
  12. really?
  13. yes, dx10 is compatible with xp (dx11 is not)
  14. jefe323 said:
    yes, dx10 is compatible with xp (dx11 is not)

    No it is not, XP is DX9 only.
  15. To me their isn't such a great difference between DX9-DX10 gaming from what I have seen with a Geforce 8600GT For Instance Between F.e.a.r. Perseus Mandate vs. Bioshock. TruForm Rendering From ATi added a releastic effect and to Me graphics have looked that sharp for charecters. Ati had a Gpu with DX8.1 Graphics with some DX9.0 extensions. Here is an Example how much more graphic capability each version of DX9.0-DX11.0 Has.

    I;'m Waiting For DX11 Max Payne 3-Doom IV-F.e.a.r. 3

    Also haven't Caught up with F.e.a.r. 2 Project orgin DX10 to see how it compares with F.e.a.r. Perseus Mandate DX9.0C which looked really cool and realistic!
  16. That has been proven to be tosh as you would have seen if you had taken the time to read the comments that have been made over the last three years.
  17. i wasn't recommending the OP get it, just that it was an option
  18. But it's not an option as it does not work.
  19. umm ok... so ill just get a phenom 955 and windows 7 when i can :D
  20. Mousemonkey said:
    But it's not an option as it does not work.

    then i was mistaken and jordan009 should disregard my suggestion of using the unofficial dx10 as an option
  21. uhh ok?
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