Flight Simulator X Fatal Issue!

Recently after reinstalling my fsx, after waiting about 20-30mins for install (don't worry thats the same time it took me to install it the first time) It gives me this error code and says: "Cannot find file Gameuxinstallhelper.dll program will now terminate." What do i do about this? I've been without FSX for days and part of me is dying!!! I've tried to reinstall making sure it takes different paths for install route but it gives me the same error! Please help me~~~~~ ='(
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  1. You might examine the install disk closely to see if there any fingermarks or other crud on it. Wouldn't do any harm to clean i anyway (wipe in a radial direction with a clean, dry cloth).
  2. Ok ill try that but heres the error.

    Unhandled Exception

    Error Number: 0x80040702
    Description: Failed to load DLL: Gameuxinstallhelper

    Setup will now terminate.
  3. I thought the failure to find the file might be caused by a dirty disk. It happens. I'm pretty sure that file will be one that it expects to find on the disk rather than one that should be present normally in Windows.
  4. Cleaned the disc perfectly and still showed me the same error
  5. If i have to i can upload things to flash drives from another computer i installed it on but if its only 32bit and mine is 64bit will that make a difference?
  6. *sigh* if no one has a solution to this problem then im just going to give up...Microsoft has failed me once again!!!! I hate you microsoft!!!
  7. You might like to look at this thread where a user claims to have had a similar problem and solved it.
  8. Yeah but he didn't specify how he solved it. As for the other one he used a cleanup tool that doesn't exsist...not much of a help...thanks for trying but im going to call tech support.
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