Will my pc run cod mw 2?

Hello. I have a lap top that runs a-

`Intel Core i3 processor 330m
`with 500gb HDD
`and 4 GB Memory

I have loaded the game before but it was supper choppy and really not able to play. Any comments would help,

Thanks PC Gamer-
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  1. It sounds like you've answered you're own question.

    Anyways, from the sound of it, I'm guessing your laptop has integrated intel 4500 graphics.
    Unfortunately, the intel integrated graphics are not really fit for games. You can try turning down the settings in the game, but chances are it will still be a poor gaming experience.


    If you really plan on gaming on a laptop, then dedicated graphics are where its at.

    My Answer: No
  2. Hello And Whats Your Graphics card? Probably Just An Intergrated One, Well What I recommend is if you dont have a graphics card go out a buy one 4870 a really good card and if you just want an alright one for cheap i'd recommend the 4650/4670

    and if you dont want to buy a graphics card just lower the settings
  3. oh damn sorry didnt see you had a laptop just listen to ToolintheMist
  4. Just check out your graphics card. Whether it is properly install or not.
  5. my moms laptop which im using right now when posting this message has an intel GM45 integrated card and it runs GTA san andreas with loads of graphics mods pretty fine and also I can run league of legends on low/medium and portal on medium etc... If you try 1024x768 and medium/ low settings I think MW2 might run. BEcause your CPU is much better than this one. This laptop got a intel celeron 1.9 GHz dual core and 4GB of ram...
  6. and I mean GTA SA gfx mods that makes the game look MUCH better not worse. Also on max settings 1280x768
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