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Hello, a couple of weeks ago i got a xbox 360. have it hooked up and everything and i went out and bought a 100ft ethernet cord this is the first time ive dealt with connecting something to the internet so i plug in the cord the cord runs all the way to my room and i manually enter the ip address and everything else everything is set up so i press test xbox live connection. i wait about 20 second and it says failed to connect what is the problem?
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  1. I presume you're plugging your xbox into your router, if your router is set to DCHP then don't set the connection manually, let the xbox find it itself, that way you can be sure it'll pull down the proper gateway ip and an ip address that's not being used by another computer/printer on the network. another way of working it is trying to ping your xbox from your PC. If you hit Microsoft key and R and type in CMD then type in 'ping ' and the ip address of your xbox eg c:\> ping
    If you get a reply it means your xbox is on your local network but it cannot reach the intenet, so it's probably your gateway and DNS settings. The default on a lot of routers are for both gateway and DNS unless you're going through one router to lets say a cable modem.
  2. how do i change it to dchp
  3. What Collie's referring to is actually DHCP, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. It's the network protocol responsible for dynamically assigning IP addresses to devices in a network.

    In plain english, your router automatically assigns IP addresses to network devices from a pool of addresses it has on hand to use.

    When you connect to your router manually, IE what Collie had suggested (most routers will have the or; you type this into your URL bar in your browser) would definitely work. Open up your routers configuration options and somewhere in there, there should be an option to change your router's DHCP settings (on or off, depending on what you want).

    What Collie was trying to say is don't manually assign the IP address to your 360, let the router do it's job via DHCP.
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