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ok iam having issues with crysis on my windows XP 64-bit i installed the game and i can go inside no crashing i can see the menu but when i start the game the first scene there is supposed to be a plane well this plane is kinda invisible and the characters are invisible too wut do u think the prob is ? i mean i cant see anything when im on the ground all i see is objects crashing to each other
my specs are intel core 2 quad 2.83 GHZ
Radeon HD 3850 512 MB
windows XP 64 bit
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  1. It sounds like you have a video issue on your hand.

    a couple of things i would try:
    update video drivers (and any others for that matter)
    reinstall the game

    Also, do you have any firewall or security programs like Comodo Firewall? I use Comodo and i've had all sorts of problems with it when it comes to games. make sure no other programs are blocking the game from working.
  2. ok ill try that and get back to u as soon as possible
  3. how could it not be? but why does it do that in crysis ? in other games its fine
  4. my 64 bit crysis doesnt work too well. Go into the Crytek/bin32 folder and run it from there it might run a little better with your GPU in 32bit
  5. i tried it still evertything is invisible
  6. im going nutsss
  7. i know crysis is the big daddy but my friend can run it on a 9400gt and the HD 3850 is 3 times as big and powerful but he has 32 bit and i have 64bit if u have a link to the patch could u give it to me plzz
  8. XP 64 bit is known to be buggy & problematic with most games.
  9. ok thx man i have this windows 7 ultimate dvd im gunna install it thx for ur help
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