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This sucks hard. After the TF2 Engineer update, both TF2 and GRID now say "Steam servers are too busy" etc. Annoying, because everyone says to try STEAM support, and I've tried that, TWICE, and got the same answer. Also, downloads aren't responding, I can't get anything from the Steam store. All my games on Steam are legitimate, I've downloaded them through Steam before.
The last thread I was looking through locked out, anyone can help please?
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  1. Uhh, Go to the game and right click and go down to properties and then go to local files and click verify integrity of game cache, that might work and if that doesn't work close steam, go to my computer, local disk, program files,steam and in the steam folder delete clientregistry.blob and then restart steam
  2. None of those methods work, and suffice to say that in every case I've seen of this, that's the first generic answer.
  3. Miffy92 said:
    None of those methods work, and suffice to say that in every case I've seen of this, that's the first generic answer.

    Sorry about that, we'll stick to starting you out on the most complex and specific answers first shall we? :sarcastic:
  4. Hell, if it gets my PC working, fine.

    I'm sorry, its just been a long time and all the leads I've found go nowhere. It's frustrating.
  5. If it's REALLY not working with everything you've tried, I'd take the long route, uninstall steam, make sure everything for program files/steam is deleted, and then reinstall.
  6. Okay, I'll try that when i get more download quota.
  7. uhh you could try to change the download reigion to something closer to you? for example mine used to be at new york and i live closer to toronto so i changed it, and it made speeds faster sometimes, just look in the settings for them, and sorry for giving you something thats simple that might work, holy next time i'll just give you a thing that requires 3 hours of your time be grateful people are helping you
  8. Okay, 2 things.
    1: @jay_l_a, that didn't work either. I don't know what the hell's wrong with it at this point.
    2: @Mithness, *** if it means that much to you I AM actually sorry for my comment, its just annoying as hell that I cant do anything to STEAM to fix it, and I'm extremely frustrated at the damn thing.
  9. uhh hmm i'm still looking for you, and sorry its just kinda rude, but lets move on, uhh did you change your download region? and did you totally uninstall and reinstall steam i know its a pain but lots of people do that and it works
  10. Yeah, i know.

    Yeah, I changed the region and did the un/reinstalling. Nothing changed except now I cant play ANY Valve games.
  11. I was having a similar issue where steam wouldn't update, it was stuck at "download starting". Initial attempts to delete local files and verify failed, I didn't want to throw in the towel and remove all of steam/games. I was able to start steam in offline mode and then it allowed me to delete the local content. hope that helps.
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