ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe unstable mobo?

Ok, after my MSI fiasco I descided to go ASUS now, PCI-e ASUS.
All was well until I tried to setup my Windows XP. 3 TIMES, 3 TIMES was I forced to re-attempt WinXP configuration! After the 3th time my attempts succeeded. Do note that I kept switching memes, from my older APACER DDR400 mems (1Gig) to my newest Kingston DDR466 mems (1Gig). Do note that I didn't put those 2 mem brands in with each other.

Now after I finally got my Windows installed, I installed all drivers, did all updates and tested my PSU again. Again, the PSU is proving better then ever. I do have my strong doubts about both the Mainboard and Graphic card. For starters I have NEVER heard an even louder Chipset fan before. I mean it could easily make 35+db... same goes for the graphic card. I mean my older Geforce FX 5900 Ultra DDR8x never went higher then 22db when used to the max. This card's fan easily makes it to 40+ db... not really normal or is it? The graphic card in question is an ASUS EN6600 GT-TD PCI-e.

Wish the noise was the real problem, the real problem is that my system is even more unstable then before. Blue screens of death, random reboots, ...

Now like I said, I have new mems as well so the problem CAN'T be a memory problem. My both HDs work and cool perfectly (added HD coolers). The PSU like I stated before has been tested and is working 100%. Optical drives seem to work good as well. My case is perfectly cooled with no less then 7 80mm fans. All are Thermaltake and in perfect order.

I mean, I have used Pentium CPUs for 7 years, NEVER did I have trouble with those systems. I switch to AMD and BOOM, away stability and performance... is this all AMD can do?

Really be honest here guys, this crap-ridden computer has costed me way more money then I would have liked to spent here. I mean we're talking not about 200 Euro thrown about more like 1800 Euro thrown away.

Is it a bad thing if there is smoke coming out of my case?
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  1. Why are you blaming AMD if it's MB related? Alot of stability issues point back to psu, mb, grounding, and simple things as loose connectors/wiring. Now if you put in a different AMD cpu and all your problems went away, I would be extremely surprised. I think you'll find the problems really realated to one or more of the listed culprits. Isolating the vid card for problems would eliminate that as a cause.

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  2. I never had any stability problems with AMD...I used them since 2000. How long have you been building computers? There is common problems like grounded boards for newcomers.Why dont you just keep it simple first? And why do you need all of these coolers??? I dont know what was your MSI fiasco, but 2 failed build might be related to user mistake.

    Oh it is easy to blame AMD or Asus. List your parts here and we might be able to help you. And if you search throu the forum, you'll see as much instability problems with Intel than with AMD. But I guess you wont, because you still prefer to blame the hardware instead of you, even if you coulàd have foune the solution in an other post...

    Oh, and by the way, since PCIe is new and really not mature on AMD system, well, thank you for being a beta tester, so, when I'll update to PCIe, the technology will be stable enough

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
  3. Already consulted with a few people on and they actually gave me some info I could go on. It seems that the PCI-e SLI mode has to be finetuned both in BIOS and in Windows itself. I got the BIOS right but the Windows part was faulty. As far as I can tell there is some kind of minor issue still with Nvidia's drivers. According to the Nvidia forum, those issues should be fixed in the next patch. I corrected my Windows settings but am still awaiting a few further answers from the forum members over at Heh one of the issues was that I had to change something in the Nvidia console, something that I admit, I don't check very often. Yes I know I know, always check settings before proceeding...

    Anyway, the system has no more random reboots or any other blue screens of death anymore. ONLY a few performance issues in games, but those are easily corrected.

    As for comp experience, let's see... tinkered with my old C-64 (fixing components + programming) then moved on to the pretty Tandi comps (DOS at it's best), later the Pentium comps (Finally some real hardware experience now), until that little K7 AMD CPU (First time I was introduced to case modding due to constant cooling upgrades) I used back in '97... well really wasn't that good so switched back to Intel. Sticked with Intel up until now because the performance and tremendous heath issues simply got a bit out of hand. So yes you can say I have a load of experience with system building. However and I do admit this, I do not know much about the current AMD systems. This is a new learning process for me now. And the software stuff is kinda limited for me too, DOS I know perfectly, Windows, well let's say more then enough. Linux? Wouldn't even know how to do a sucessfull installation of it.

    As you can see pat, I know stuff you don't and you know stuff I obviously don't. Don't call someone a n00b unless you're certain that person is a n00b. Gets so under my skin when people think they're superior to someone else! I would NEVER sputter that kind of comments to anyone!

    Ok so please let the posting here end before someone claims that he's the one who invented computers. My issues are over thank you for the help.

    Is it a bad thing if there is smoke coming out of my case?
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