I am dumb and i need Serious help with tweaking my computer

hello people,
the thread name says it all,
here are my computer specs << yay i know what specs mean!!

Motherboard : Gigabyte MSI EP45-UD3L
CPU: Intel Core Quad Q8300 @ 2.50 GHz(4CPUs,) 2.5GHz
Ram : 2 Gb DDR2 << i think cause i check the speed of the memory and it was 667 MHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT (approx. total memory : 1776 MB

if i missed anything please tell me , I BEG YOU HELP!
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  1. What Do You Want To Tweak?
  2. i thought of Tweaking the Ram and GPU
  3. so.....What Do You Want To Tweak?
  4. mspisz said:
    so.....What Do You Want To Tweak?

    RAM and Graphic card am aiming for a gaming pc , well as good as it can go

    what kind of ram and what brand you suggest
    and for the graphic card i prefer NVIDIA
  5. So you wonna build a new machine or improve on what u got already?
  6. I'm not well known with nvidia graphics cards (im ati boy but not a fan boy) but the 9800gt is suppose to be really good and you could go with a gtx 260 is suppose to be good, like i said though im not a nividia person though so maybe someone will correct me but i dont know your budget so i'll just link those to cards



    I Choose 2 evga becuase thats a really good brand (from what i've heard)
    but if i were you i would recommend this card


    it cost the same as the gtx 260 and im pretty sure alot better
  7. Oh thanks , i was wondering , most games support nvidia will i have problems in the future if i choose ATI?

    and all these cards will work with my Mother board and Processor smoothly?
  8. Up your Ram to at least 4gb, 8gb is waaay better, get the same speeds as what you currently have (ddr2 667). I would also up your graphics card to something with a bit more grunt, like an nvidia gtx285 or an ati5850. If you put a better graphics card in your system you may also need to improve your power supply depending on what you currently have - http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/500w-psu-power-supply,review-31942-13.html although you may want a bit more grunt if running a high end card.
  9. because a lot of games show you nvidia logo it doesnt mean that yous hould just buy this card for them... All game support both ATI and NVIDIA.

    Yo homez fill in this form for us so we can give you more help.... http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261222-13-build-advice
  10. well the reason i showed him those cards were is becuase i don't know your budget if you can spend alot of money go with a much higher end card but if you don't have that big of a budget go with atleast the ati card i showed you, and a couple thing ati doesn't have is like physX i don't think but i mean you'lll still be abled to game perfectly fine
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