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I know this was asked elsewhere before, but I want a recap since it was 2006 when the guy asked it, it has a really crappy video card, and its hard to run a few things at once, but it could run Army Men RTS and Rome: Total War was a little laggy but not unbearable, and the new Moonbase Alpha? No, all it did was freeze, play for a second, freeze again, and the mouse just, unbearable anyways, the video card is an Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset. (Over exaggeration of its name..)And the RAM is a dual core with a total RAM of 1 GB. If you guys can, try to avoid Online games unless they are able to run on low end computers and don't bore you after an hour of gameplay, and RTS im fine with as well, i only care if the graphics are bad on the RTS games cuz Medieval: Total war was a little old even for me, but for RPG as long as its fun. Oh and make sure its something i may be able to download as well.. because im low on money, and I need to save to be able to repair my main desktop computer.
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  1. Bump?
  2. Uh, Whats The Processor? And A Game I Recommend Is NeverwinterNights 1 or 2 Though I Don't Know If the second one will work, their both great rpgs, but based on the d&d rules, another good rpg is Star wars knights of the old republic 1&2 aswell, both neverwinternights and star wars knights of the old republic are made by the king of rpg's (Bioware) and are both amazing games, If your computer can handle it oblivion is also a great game, i have many more rpgs aswell like diablo 2, and i've downloaded stars wars knights of the old republic 1 before so yea, but i ussally buy my games
  3. KoToR 1 is great. KoToR 2 is meh.
    Oblivion is great.
    Fallout 3 is awesome.
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