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NCH debut video capture software - no device of this type is present

This software works fine with my webcam UNTIL i hit the RECORD button then i get this error message - no device of this type is present.
I searched everywhere for this message and no hits, not even on the NCH website, thing is that this message does come up if it can't find ur webcam BUT it does find and display my camera. only when i try to record do i get this msg.
works find with XP i am running WIN 7 ultimate.
NCH website says its compatible with Win 7. no device driver problems .....

Here's the link to their software and free download....

OR if someone could show me a link to FREE software that records to my computer from a webcam/camera with sound that would be cool too!!!!
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    try this,
  2. well i will try but first link does not say win 7 compatible and the second says for MSN which i do not want i want a stand alone recorder ....... but i will give them a try!!!!!!
  3. Nope none of the suggestions worked ....... MSN one required u to use MSN i want a stand alone recorder and the other one did not have sound.
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  5. Just had the same problem and found a fix for it if anyone else needs it. Had exactly the same problem and it was because in Settings at the bottom, Record Sound was ticked and there was no device to record sound. Unticked it and it started recording. Hope this helps!
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