[n] SOS, Motherboard not responding, NO BIOS displ

Hi there all,
My PC with following config was working fine before:
Intel P-3 550MHz
Intel CA810E main board(video + sound)
128MB SDRAM (64+64)
Other perpherals
Well, I tried to put the aditional RAM (I must have inserted badly!) for installing new OS in short time, and I as I switched on the PC, I smelled some burning and switched it off quickly...
Then i tried to switch it on with my prev config and no power was going to any of the components!!!
Then, I just removed the SMPS (PSU) and get it repaired now after attaching it again my default config is not working at all.
- PSU fan, CPU fan are working fine
- Motherboard has its own led, that is glowing
- Other perpherals are getting power
- Display is not working (Monitor is going in power saving mode, by blinking led on it)
- No keyboard detection
- No single beep sound from board
- Just led of HDD glowing continues then shutting down after some time
- If i remove RAM, beep sound is comming saying "no RAM"

I think some chips on board must have been fried...!!!!

Any suggestion will be most helpfull..


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  1. What kind of RAM had you tried to install?

    I'd try booting it with one stick of your old RAM. Try the first slot, if that doesn't work try the other slot. If neither work, try the other stick, same proceedure.

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  2. The roblem is solved....
    it was RAM ckt, fried..:(

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