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I am an avid user of steam i own quiet a few of steam powered games.....steam has worked perfectly fine for me up until dad (who thinks everything on a computer is either a hack or a virus) did an entire computer clean up not a restore but a virus scan....well avira saw every single program i had as a virus and acted on that, well when he let me back on the computer i went to play gmod and steam wouldnt run, so i tried the gmod shortcut and it still wouldnt run steam none of my games run any more so i uninstalled steam and reinstalled it and you should know during first run it updates but it shouldnt sit there for almost an hour and say updating and not load a single percent someone please help me i need a way to either stop steam from updating and bypass it or just force the update
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  1. Uh, maybe the anti virus program is running a firewall and saying that steam is unsafe and not allowing the update so open up the anti virus and see if theirs a firewall portion of it and find the exceptions thing and yea thats all i can help you with right now
  2. Try doing a system restore (if you can) to the point of time that you can remember Steam was running properly.
  3. a system restore is impossible at this 16 and am not admin cause my parents dont trust me with a computer when my dad messes it up more than i do..... and my firewall would say something if it blocked it and it doesnt say anything about it does anyone kno of like a way to deactivate norton without being admin long enough to run steam?
  4. if you have many games on steam then surely the would take avery long time to download? could this be why the % tracker is 'not' moving, when in fact it is just moving slowly.
  5. Whats your download speed? 13thmonkey might be right there are times when the net moves as slow as like 50kps then you wouldnt see much change in % ...
  6. Your parents don't trust you ? Well good for them. Nice to see parents looking over their children's shoulders. Not enough of that these days.... CUDOS!
  7. w/e man anyways it was a simple fix i let it sit all night not even one bar when i woke up i said screw it ill wait, and turned off my comp (my comp has a boot pass on it and a bios lock) when my mom woke up i told her what i did and i said im gonna restart so she put the password in and i ran it and it updated once and said (error) deleted steamnew.exe but file is still there press ok to continue i clicked ok and it closed the updater i did it like 5 more times

    until finally the looks of the updater changed and it did it and i was able to login so cod 4 mw2 here i come!
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