Can't delete incorrect user from Win7 Home Premium 32

Well, the gang at Tom's is 2 for 2 while over at the MS Technet they're 0 for 3. Let's go for a sweep.
When I was loading Win7 32bit onto my laptop something happened causing the install to flake out and stop. I had entered the first two letters of the admin/user name when it crapped out. I restarted the install, which began at step 1 and entered to correct admin / user name. The original incorrect user name kept showing up under the registry, users, and wherever else it's seen. I whacked the user, called Po, edited the registry to reflect the correct user name, and searched everywhere for the incorrect name. It keeps showing in two entries in the registry (sorry, I can't remember them right now. I'm at a different computer) and occasionally listed with folders for some 3rd party apps. MS Technet said it was held also in some hash file and the only way to correct the problem is to do a full format and install.
Is there a better way or am I screwed royally my MS-Paranoia?
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  1. Do u want delete it?. Try from manage console of the rig.
  2. refresh my porous memory please. how does one access the manage console?
  3. Right click on My PC, manage and in the left column look for users and groups.
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