PCIe and socket 754

Yes, it will be possible.
<A HREF="http://www.soltek.de/soltek/product/products_all.php?isbn_st=SL-K890Pro-754" target="_new">Soltek SL-K890Pro-754</A>

VIA based thou...

-Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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  1. Quote:
    VIA based thou...


    You've tried and failed. The lesson here is, never try again. -- Homer Simpson.
  2. Any experience with Soltek prior?

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  3. after mixed result with other brand, I went with them for my built more than 2 years agoand never regret it so far. I was using their nforce2 board in that time, the sl75frn2-l and the -rl and my first a64 board, the k8an2e-gr. they all fired up the first shot, no problem with windows install, stable as rock.

    -Always put the blame on you first, then on the hardware !!!
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