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hello, i just got oblivion off steam earlier today and so far it has been very laggy and fps rate drop drastically when im in a battle or talking to someone i realize for some this is normal but my computer is running 4 cores amd althion and a radeon hd 5750 i have gone through and changed some things in the ini file but to no avail. this angers me because on my old computer form 2004 it could run it perfectly on medium to high settings i have mcafee which i thought might be the problem but i turned it off and no change please help me. thank you
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    this was a problem with fallout 3 that it has problems when running with 4 cores i dunno if its the same but it is made by the same people so yea, uhh when your on the main menu press ctrl alt delete and go to processes and go to oblivion or whatever the processes is called and right click and go down to set affinty and only check mark 2 cores see if that works
  2. it might be the battle music. For some reason, Oblivion has a way of lagging the system with sound. Go to the ini and disable bmusic or something like that. If that helps, then I hate to say it, but you may have to play w/o music :(

    Try this link out, it helped me a ton
  3. Hmm, no problem for me on my AMD Phenom II quad core. I do agree with Mithness. Try setting the affinity to 2 cores and see if that helps.

    Otherwise, you can try and remove the installation of Oblivion and reinstall it. If that doesn't work, copy your apps directory in Steam to another location and uninstall steam. Then, reinstall Steam and copy the apps folder back into your steam directory and see if that fixes it. The copying of the apps directory will prevent you from having to download all your steam games again.

    I had a problem with Silent Hill being EXTREMELY laggy. I reinstalled steam and that fixed the problem.
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  5. thanks mithness that helped alot
  6. hey no problem
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